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PSD - My camel is burning PSD - My camel is burning

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

What the?

What the hell? What the hell was this garbage? Is there something Im not understanding? It seemed pretty random to me.

Leap Leap

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Suprisingly amusing

HAHHA rofl. I thought this was gay until the "PLOP" and his face was mutilated. THis was so stupid, it was funny.

JunkYardAnimations responds:

lmao i know. watch it 8 times in a row, despite how stupid it is you'll laugh

Peach's Bike Peach's Bike

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

it was worth saving

Short and since it was those stupid strawberry lock clock things, I didn't like it. ALthough it was slightly unexpected, made me giggle and the art was ok. And when it comes to blamming or saving, it really comes down to the art, animation and effect it had on the audience. I gave it one point for everthing it had. Good drawings, nice animation and slight hilarity.

I saved it.

AubergineLock responds:


Recent Game Reviews

The Global Warming Game The Global Warming Game

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Clean and simple and good........

but boring.

wsp responds:

ya like i said i had 3 days to pull this outta my ass and if i had a little more yime to fix this up and add in some more stuff

Trick or Toad Trick or Toad

Rated 2 / 5 stars

good game

hhahaha great game, oh, and to the jackass before me - way to ruin it. jackass.

Denvish responds:

Too many jackasses, not enough time (to shoot them all)

Serious Sam Soundboard Serious Sam Soundboard

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


big fan of all the games. Congrats, this must of taken some serious work and time. Very original also!